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    Supply pump kit 1100 Series

    Supply pump kit comes with line and adapter to update to replace the post 2013 engines original lift pump T414444 (sold in kit ULPK0041) when out of warranty. The pumps can be distinguished by the electrical connection points, in ULPK0041 the electrical connection points down towards the filter bowl and with ULPK0038A the electrical connection points horizontally outwards.


    • 1100 series 1104A-44, 1104A-44T, 1104A-44TA, 1104C-44, 1104C-44T, 1104C-44TA, 1104C-E44, 1104C-E44T, 1104C-E44TA, 1104D-44, 1104D-44T, 1104D-44TA, 1106C-E70TA
    • Alternate 4132A008, 4132A018




    Price: $478.16

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