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    Air Filters

    Dynasys Air Filter – 2TNV70 APU

    Air filter for Dynasys Auxillary Power Unit – recommended change interval is every 500 hours, in a perfect operating conditions. If you want your investment in your Dynasys to last replace every 250 hrs max. Check by removing and observing with flaslight or tapping filter on the ground. If you see dirt or dirt falls out, change in half of the hours of service next time.

    Price: $28.82

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    Mitsubishi Fuso Air Filter 4M50

    Genuine Mitsubishi Fuso Air Filter for 2005 – 2010 FE Series: FE125, FE140, FE145, FE180, and FG140.

    Price: $71.36

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    Air filter Fuso 2012-2017 4p10 FE125-FE180

    Factory air filter, recommended changing every 12 months

    alternate part number: ME422880

    Price: $62.61

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    K & N High Flow Air Filter

    K & N High Flow Air Filter is designed to increase horsepower and acceleration. This specific air filter is for 03 VW TDI 01-10 VW.

    Price: $81.12

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    K&N Air Filter for Hodyon APU

    One K&N Air Filter for Hodyon Auxiliary Power Unit.

    Price: $47.42

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    Hatz 4W35 Air Filter

    Hatz 4W35 Air Filter

    Please call us at 423/622-1006 to verify by Engine Model and Serial Number

    P/N: 01391801

    Price: $15.15

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