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    Mitsubishi Fuso FE125-FE180 2005-2010

    Mitsubishi Fuso Air Filter 4M50

    Genuine Mitsubishi Fuso Air Filter for 2005 – 2010 FE Series: FE125, FE140, FE145, FE180, and FG140.

    Price: $67.94

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    Mitsubishi Fuso Oil Filter- 4M50

    Genuine Mitsubishi Oil Filter for 2005-2010 FE Series: FE125, FE140, FE145, FE180, and FG140. The recommended service interval for these engines is 6,000 miles.

    Price: $28.64

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    Combination Mirror

    Combination Mirror with Flat Convex Left Side. (drivers side) Genuine Mirror standard OEM equipment,

    FE 05-15 Canter and all other FE series trucks.

    Price: $75.50

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    2 x 4 Service pack 2005-2010 4M50 Fuso

    Here at Southeast Diesel, we want to make sure you always have all the parts you need to keep your engine going! Take advantage of the savings and stocking up with our 2×4 service pack.

    The 2×4 package includes:

    -FOUR Oil filters and TWO Fuel filters

    This specific package for Mitsubishi Fuso is compatible with the following:

    FE120, FE125, FE140, FE145, FE180, FG140,  All with Engine 4M50



    Price: $146.92

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