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    4×4 service kit 1100, 1200, 850 Series

    This 4x4 filter package is the best bang for the buck!!  protect your Perkins with genuine Perkins filters the best way by servicing every time with oil and fuel filters! We recommend Fuel additive and our raycor funnel to fill you filters as well!

    What is included?? 4 fuel filters and 4 oil filters (ultimate PROTECTION for your PPPERKins!!)

    I am unsure if this fits my engine.... MESSAGE us 24 hours a day! or call us or contact us on the google here Mike answers when he is not sleeping, which is often.

    Does this fit my engine? if you use a 3611274 fuel filter and an 2654407 oil filter yes!

    • 1100 Series 1104D-E44T, 1104D-E44TA, 1106D-E70TA
    • 1200 Series 1204E-E44TA, 1204E-E44TTA, 1204F-E44TA, 1204F-E44TTA, 1206E-E66TA, 1206E-E70TTA, 1206F-E66TA, 1206F-E70TA, 1206F-E70TTA
    • 850 Series 854E-E34TA, 854F-E34T


    Price: $135.04

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