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The “Every 3” Package for Mitsubishi Fuso Canter

The team at Southeast Diesel wants to make sure you have all the right parts you need to keep your engine performing at its peak. The "Every 3" Package includes all the goods your Fuso Canter engine requires every THREE oil changes.

The package includes:

1 PCV Filter Element, 1 Fuel Filter, and 1 Oil Filter.

This package is only compatible with the following 4P10 engine models: FE130, FG140, FE160, FE180.

Note: Please only use 5W30 APICJF Oil with these packages.


1   1 QC000454 QC000454 - PCV FILTER ELEMENT BREAT   60.45    60.45

1   1 MK667920 MK667920 - FUEL FILTER 4P10           21.64    21.64

1   1 QC000001 QC000001 - MITSUBISHI FUSO OIL FILT   20.87    20.87


Price: $135.10

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