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    Orion 35 Quart Cooler

    One of the main benefits is the Orion 35 is this cooler and Most Jackson Kayaks are a perfect match.They were ment for each other, they will fit the 25 but are designed for the 35 quart. A perfect match for you and your Kayak, or truck, or jeep. This is the smallest orion option to have a divider in, note that! the divider system is awesome, check out more in our accessories section. To carry this cooler loaded you will want a friend, or be in very athletic shape. Check out (  Like all Orion coolers the rail system on the side can hold any rail accessory or the Orion seat back. What is the Rail system for? mounting fishing pole holders, the side tray, or any Ram mount accessories.


    • One of a kind coolers, is made in Sparta Tennessee.
    • Built in foam pad on top of lid
    • 4 corner bottle openers brushed aluminum corners that are also great for securing with cable or cables.
    • Strap mounts above each side handle
    • Nylon corded rope with a rubber handle, also has molded in handles above nylon rope handle.
    • strap notch on sides for securing with Orion tie down cam straps. (Tie Down cam straps not included)
    • Interior tray to keep some items high and dry, optional waterproof LED light mounted on tray ( LED light not included)
    • Heavy Duty Drain Plug
    • Unique colors made from Jackson Kayak plastics that are mixed to have a one of a kind cooler.
    • Rail system on sides above handles.


    Capacity: 35.93 quarts      Dimensions: 17.75”H x 23.75”W x 16.25”D      Weight: 26.75 lbs

    We have been a fan of these products since they came out, they will last and so will your ice.

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