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    Stanadyne DB4 Fuel Injection Pump Timing

    Stanadyne DB4 fuel injection pump off John Deere Skidder Model : 648

    Three different ways to time this pump.

    Pricing starts at $550.00; however, if your head and rotor are bad, then pump prices will increase.  We are a Stanadyne authorized rebuild center, these pumps are checked on certified Bosch test stands. We rebuild your pump and run through our strict inspection before we finish and send out to you, We go through your pump so you are not getting someone's worn out injection pump that would not pass our detailed inspections. Pumps are warrantied for 1 year

    SHIPPING is included for shipping finished pump back to you, print your confirmation email and send in with your pump. normal turnaround is 3 days after pump gets to us UPS is delivered at 11 am, but may take longer depending on pump workflow here. Please call us with questions or for more details.-  (423) 622-1006

    Whats included,

    • detailed consultation about your pump
    • Quoting you before we rebuild to give you your options, some pumps need shut off solenoids, some show wear on the head and rotor. We check the metering valve, completely strip all paint from the external and clean the advance piston and replace as needed. If your housing does not pass inspection we keep cores that we can use as options to save you $
    • Build and testing on our test stand. We do not just run through the specs, we spend time with your pump on the stand with our custom procedures to make sure your pump will last.

    ***certain filters will cause pump wear we do not recommend cheap filters on your fuel system, your fuel system repair will cost more.

    Price: $550.00

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