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    Got Any Tips for Maintaining my Tractor?

    Whether you use your diesel tractor daily or once a month, you rely on it to start up and function properly to get the job done. Our team at Southeast Diesel, Inc. has over thirty years of experience servicing and maintain tractors for our customers. Here are a few tips based on what we have seen when we service the fuel system components of the tractor:

    1. Fuel Quality: they just don’t make fuel like they used to. This is evident in fuel samples we have seen for tractors, where the cetaine (like octane in gasoline) level is lower than 40. If your tractor is older than a 2003 model, adding fuel additive will raise the cetaine level. Southeast Diesel carries, Stanadyne Performance Formula, a top of the line product.
    1. Fuel Level: humidity is not a friend of the fuel system. To avoid problems associated with this, keep your tank on your equipment as full as possible when stored.
    1. Fuel Filters: quality filters are the key to keeping contamination out of your fuel. Our team recommends Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) grade filters be used for best results. Southeast Diesel is a wholesale dealer of OEM filters for your tractor and we are adding more maintenance kits every day so you can annual supplies to protect your fuel system and the best part, save you money!
    1. Fuel Source: you pay for the fuel, so make sure you are storing it in optimal conditions! Make sure your tanks have quality caps and vents for a proper seal. If you have bulk storage, we recommend a scheduled draining of water and adding our Raycor Tank Filter with a water separator. Our team sees fuel storage becoming critical with the introduction of more common rail fuel systems with higher pressures.

    From your Ford 3000 to your John Deere 340, we repair and test them all. We are a Kubota, Yanmar, Cummins, Deutz, and Perkins dealer for all your tractor engine parts.

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