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    Southeast Diesel has been installing APUs since the late 90s. We offer superior installation and service because we are factory trained diesel technicians. Each APU installation is custom and we make sure to work with you from the first contact, and keep you informed of you options and install to best suit your business for ease of use and to insure that your APU will keep you comfortable.

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    APU Parts and Service

    Southeast Diesel is a Perkins, and Yanmar dealer. We also specialize in fuel systems this means that we can get any engine part you need for your APU as well as rebuild the fuel system on your APU.

    Here are some benefits to installing Hodyon Dynasys APU’s in your fleet:

    • Easy customer financing
    • Provides a standalone AC unit and heater without tying into truck’s coolant system
    • Compact design to allow for easier installation on your specific truck
    • Engine has shore power capabilities as well as 120 volt outlets for driver convenience
    • Includes a touch screen interface that is installed in cab that controls the APU and provides maintenance reminders

    We offer financing for your APU so you can start saving fuel. Click here to fill out a credit application. Contact us to discuss you truck and how an APU with Southeast Diesel is best for your business.

    Call Mike at 800-469-1006 or after hours and weekends call 423-667-6624

    Facts about APU’s

    Savings and Benefits

    “The amount of idling varies widely among trucks by season, type of operation, and driver practices. A typical long-haul combination truck can idle between 1,600 and 2,400 hours per year, which would use about 900 and 1,400 gallons of fuel, respectively. Saving fuel annually through idle reduction by installing an APU would remove
    about 9 to 14 metric tons of carbon dioxide, reduce nitrogen oxide and particulate matter emissions, save between $3,600 and $5,500 in fuel costs, and lower engine maintenance costs. A short-haul truck can save 360 gallons per year, saving $1,300 when using an idle reduction technology.” – “Idle Reduction, a Glance at Clean Freight Strategies”. EPA Smartway.